Questions from Employees

[learn_more caption=”1. Why was I not paid? Where is my paycheck or direct deposit? Why is my pay more or less than what I think I should be paid?”] Contact your department’s fiscal office to resolve any problems you have with your paycheck. Each department is responsible to determine who will be paid and the amount to be paid. DAGS is responsible for processing each department’s payroll and therefore will refer you to your department’s fiscal office for all pay-related issues. If the department informs you that your paycheck was distributed but you have not received it, the payroll staff can then begin the process for a replacement check. If you find the original check, you must return that check to your fiscal office since a stop pay order was placed on that check and you will not be able to cash the original check.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”2. Why am I being garnished?”] A court order was received by DAGS to withhold funds from your paycheck. To determine the reason why you pay is being garnished, you should contact the creditor or creditor’s attorney for additional information.[/learn_more]